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Many people who have suffered nerve damage wonder, what is the average settlement for nerve damage? Although it is usually not the answer people want to hear, sciatic nerve damage settlements can vary widely. One reason it is so difficult to answer accurately is that most settlements outside of court are kept confidential and not publicly reported. However, there are certain factors to consider when estimating the amount of compensation you might be entitled to. As a general rule of thumb, the more severe and permanent the injury, the more damage you can expect. 

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What Is Sciatica or Sciatic Nerve Pain?

The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body and comprises five nerve roots. The nerve travels from the lower back through the hips, buttocks, and each leg. Sciatica is caused by an injury to the sciatic nerve and can wreak havoc on your daily life. 

The more common symptoms of sciatic nerve injury include:

  • Burning,
  • Tingling,
  • Spasms,
  • Severe pain,
  • Twitching, and 
  • Paralysis.

The severity of your sciatic nerve injury and pain can range from minor and tolerable to severe and debilitating.

Factors That Determine the Average Payout for Sciatica

Every case is unique, and the presence or absence of certain factors will influence the outcome of the claim. Below are three factors that influence the payout for nerve damage settlement cases.

Medical Expenses

One of the most significant influences of a settlement is the amount of past and anticipated medical costs. Medical care costs can include:

  • Emergency room bills,
  • Hospital and doctor bills,
  • Surgery cost,
  • Prescription medicine expenses, and
  • Rehabilitation costs.

An individual with high medical bills and future medical care costs can expect a higher settlement than someone with few bills and anticipated future expenses.

Typically, settlements for work-related sciatica average between $25,000 and $80,000 or higher. The value of your sciatica case varies based on factors like the insurer’s defenses to compensability.

The Severity of the Injury

The severity of your injury will be considered during settlement negotiations or in a jury award. The amount of physical pain, permanent disability, and reductions in your quality of life will influence your payout. The extent of your injury will likely impact your ability to work and earn a living. And whether your doctor expects you to make a speedy or full recovery will also factor into your ability to earn money. If you can’t work, you can’t pay your medical or any other bills, so your attorney will use these facts to negotiate a higher settlement on your behalf.

Insurance Coverage and Policy Limits

No matter how high your damages might be, as a plaintiff, your damages may generally be limited to any applicable insurance policy limits. In other words, if the defendant has a significant insurance policy, you are more likely to obtain a recovery for all of your damages. On the other hand, if the defendant only maintains a minimum or no insurance coverage, you may be unable to recover meaningful compensation. 

Depending on the factors discussed above, a nerve damage victim might expect at least a five-figure settlement, but it could go much higher. A seasoned attorney can assess your case and discuss your potential compensation.

Attorneys for Your Sciatic Nerve Damage Settlement

At Baird Mandalas Brockstedt & Federico, our team of top-notch litigators and negotiators provide expert-level representation with a personalized, compassionate approach. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today. 

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