The attorneys at Baird Mandalas Brockstedt & Federico are dedicated to providing the highest quality representation to our clients.

For decades, our lawyers have been leaders in the field of medical malpractice litigation, and are responsible for some of the largest settlements and verdicts in the region.

Our attorneys have also led some of the largest and most complex mass tort and class action cases in the country, securing settlements in the hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.  

What makes our law firm different is our extensive trial experience; our willingness to take case to trial if necessary; the sophistication of our legal team; our long-standing relationships in the medical malpractice community which we are able to leverage for our clients; and the personal care and attention we give to each matter.

When you retain the lawyers at Baird Mandalas Brockstedt & Federico, you are retaining a sophisticated, experienced, and well-resourced team of attorneys who are dedicated to achieving justice for you.  If you or a loved one requires representation in a potential medical malpractice case, a mass tort, or a class action, please reach out to our team to speak with one of our attorneys.

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